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June 19, 2020

Globally-renowned for her exquisite designs, Dianna Wong, our interior architect, is bringing The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Honolulu vision to vibrant life through fine detail, curated tactile experiences and extraordinary spaces.

Dianna has a rich, multi-disciplinary background in architecture, interior design, as well as fine and decorative arts. She studied environmental design and architecture at Harvard and completed her Masters in Architecture at Cambridge University, England. Dianna’s expertise has informed her excellent work for a variety of projects, including Rosewood Hotels & Resorts LLC and The Peninsula, Beverly Hills. Her work has taken her across the globe, and she holds an intimate connection to the people, culture and places that make Hawai‘i special.

Dianna’s work in Honolulu has included interiors for the Halekulani, the Kahala Hotel, and other high-profile proposed projects on the horizon -- and as she shared all of us at the opening of our Residence Gallery earlier this year,  none of these projects compare in scope to the Mandarin Oriental, Honolulu.

You can immerse yourself in Dianna’s exquisite aesthetic by visiting our Residence Gallery - now open again for individual appointments. Email me to set up a time; we will be delighted to see you soon.

Enjoy inspiration from Dianna in this week’s Q&A. We are proud to collaborate with Dianna as a core project partner for the Mandarin Oriental, Honolulu and delighted to share her insights with you.

To schedule an appointment, please reach out to one of our Residence Specialists. 

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We look forward to welcoming you back to our Residence Gallery!


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Architect Perspective: Dianna Wong on Luxury Lifestyle & Good Design

Your work is known for its unique storyline. How does the idea of narrative impact your choices?
Narrative driven design resonates. Everyone appreciates a good story and one that can capture the context of time, history, culture and creativity becomes more relevant and more meaningful.

What elements of your personal tie to Hawai‘i’s people, culture and places inform the work you do here? 
My appreciation of Hawai‘i’s rich diversity of cultures inspires my work here as well as its spiritual reverence for nature. 

Tell us about some of the emerging design trends that will have an important impact in the coming years.
Design trends will continue to aspire for luxury as defined by an integration of technology with natural materials, clean lines and simplicity.

Have clients’ long-term perspectives on physical distancing changed the way designers and architects are approaching their plans and choices? 
While physical distancing will be necessary for a while, the human need for social interaction remains universal. Designers will need to exercise creativity in their solutions to respect both conditions. Semi-enclosed offices should still provide visual connection, restaurants will need to be flexible in where diners can be served and the use of outdoor spaces becomes even more important. Successful design will integrate physical privacy while providing a social component.

The attention to fine detail in your approach is extraordinary; what’s the importance of focusing on the intimate, personal experience of the person in your designed space?
Our environment is one of the most important factors that shape our lives on a daily basis. During this period of quarantine, we all experienced that on an extreme level. My goal is to elevate the simple daily moments in our lives to heighten our senses and awareness and ultimately, to elevate our spirits.        

What are the key differences in your approach when you design for a unique project like the Mandarin Oriental, Honolulu?
Mandarin Oriental is one of the top luxury global brands. Their attention to detail in order to provide exquisite design and service means that we have to raise our level of delivery. When a designer is provided with a brand design manual that is almost one thousand pages, there needs to be a commitment to integrate our design at every level so the guest experience is seamless.

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